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The Story

As readability and translation experts, we know that icons play a key role in communication. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the legal industry did not have its own standardized set of universal icons.

Icons with in-cohesive styles found using online search engines.
Legal Icons Style Guide – Derived from AIGA travel icons

Our graphic artists took inspiration from existing universal icon sets (AIGA’s travel icons and SEGD’s healthcare icons) and created this very FIRST set of universal icons for the legal professions. Watch this 6.5 minute video from the LSC tech conference to hear the whole story.

We also added some of our Plain language, field tested graphics to the icon set.

User testing

We recommend following these 7 steps to create your own user tested icons. Read the case study published in the National Center for State Courts annual publication: Trends in State Courts.

Research/Identify existing icons
preference test
Conduct preference testing
Conduct recognizability testing
Conduct in-context testing
Get feedback on unsuccessful icons
Rework unsuccessful icons
Conduct iterative testing until Icons are successful